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Mitch really understands how online traffic works and I’ve seen him do some incredible things as far as generating traffic and profits for companies. I’d definitely give him a call if you need help with getting your rankings taken care of.
Jason Kelley
Mitch is truly a craftsman when it comes to his SEO. I’ve worked with a ton of other SEO’s throughout the world, and I’d include Mitch right up there with them. His methods are fundamentally sound and he delivers on traffic. I’d highly recommend him.
Amy Ou Yang

Mitch is a true master of his craft when it comes to online traffic. He really understands how search engines work, and really understands how to drive double the leads to your door. I’d highly recommend him.

Nabil Jalil, BlackGrid SEO

Having worked with Mitchell and his team at Real Clear Metrics I will say this, these guys are in a league of their own. Their digital marketing and search engine optimization strategies are proven, and the results consistently show it. Partnering with Real Clear Metrics will be one of the best investments any small and/or large business could ever make. Trust the experts!

Todd Walker, Digital Skies Media

Mitchell has an amazing grasp on the technical issues revolving around search engine traffic and business leads. He does great research to identify the most valuable keywords that turn out to be hungry buyers ready to pick up the phone and call. If you need more leads for your business, Mithcell Gaskey is a top pick.

Bill Cook, Tangible Vagaries

Mitchell is an SEO expert and industry pioneer when it comes to search engine marketing. I have learned a tremendous amount of actionable strategies and ranking practices from him and his SEO agency. He has been an invaluable asset, and I recommend him to anyone looking for help getting more traffic to their website

Devin Schumacher, SEO Firepower

What is Sacramento Search Engine Optimization And How It Can Benefit You

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a way to help your website rank well in search engine results through utilizing what their crawling software looks for in pages. This may seem confusing at first, so use the following information to help you learn more. We know that it can be overwhelming to think about getting your site ranked, which is why we specialize in making the process easy and simple.

When a search engine ranks your website, it has to know that it is there so it can send software to crawl the page. This is why we want to create a sitemap that gives the software a list of all of the pages on your website so that it can then rank each page and start to draw in traffic for you on those results that do well. Our Sacramento search engine optimization team knows that most people don’t go to other pages beyond the first of results and you want to do all you can to rank as high as possible.

You may not know why you’d want to use this kind of thing to benefit you. One reason is that if you have a personal site and want to talk about your ideas with the world, you can’t really do that by just putting a website up and hoping for the best. Unless you get people you know to share your site with the world, it may never come to be that it reaches many people. With our techniques, we can help you show off your website to millions of people with just a few changes here and there to your website’s content.

You don’t have to learn about search engines on your own and how to optimize your website pages for them. This is where our team at Real Clear Metrics comes into play. Our Sacramento SEO Experts engage in only the most effective and powerful methods that result in ranking multiple online properties on page one and total page one domination. With our techniques, we can cover the first page with businesses in Sacramento and the whole world for that matter.

How It Works and How We Can Help

The first step is to assess your website with a website audit. If you have a website already up and running, then we analyze the site to see where there are gaps to be filled. This is especially true if your site has had SEO conducted on it in the past, and we need to correct poor work that has been done in the past. We check to make sure the site has not been penalized and then we dig into your on-page optimization to make sure the search engines are reading your site effectively.

The next step is to have the proper social properties and business citations created for your site. This is crucial because it allows Google to see that you are a trusted site. Part of being the best SEO Sacramento company means building a solid foundation for our rankings. Having appropriate business citations and listings such as Google My Business, goes a long way in building this foundation. Not only that, it tells the residents of Sacramento that you’re a trustworthy business that they can trust. Having the correct social properties setup also helps build domain authority for your site that will give your site more power. We also find that this natural way of building a sites online authority is much more effective than traditional paid advertising. The reason this is the case is because paid rankings leave the first page as soon as you stop paying your ad fees, whereas our organic approach keeps your site powerful for much longer duration.

Next Steps

Once we’ve implemented our domination strategy, your business and many of its social properties (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc) will be ranked on the first page. However, before we get that far down the line, we need to determine if we are a good fit for each other. If you are interested in our services and would like to find out if we would be a good fit for each other, please click the link to fill out our Discovery Page.

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