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Mitch really understands how online traffic works and I’ve seen him do some incredible things as far as generating traffic and profits for companies. I’d definitely give him a call if you need help with getting your rankings taken care of.
Jason Kelley
Mitch is truly a craftsman when it comes to his SEO. I’ve worked with a ton of other SEO’s throughout the world, and I’d include Mitch right up there with them. His methods are fundamentally sound and he delivers on traffic. I’d highly recommend him.
Amy Ou Yang

Mitch is a true master of his craft when it comes to online traffic. He really understands how search engines work, and really understands how to drive double the leads to your door. I’d highly recommend him.

Nabil Jalil, BlackGrid SEO

Having worked with Mitchell and his team at Real Clear Metrics I will say this, these guys are in a league of their own. Their digital marketing and search engine optimization strategies are proven, and the results consistently show it. Partnering with Real Clear Metrics will be one of the best investments any small and/or large business could ever make. Trust the experts!

Todd Walker, Digital Skies Media

Mitchell has an amazing grasp on the technical issues revolving around search engine traffic and business leads. He does great research to identify the most valuable keywords that turn out to be hungry buyers ready to pick up the phone and call. If you need more leads for your business, Mithcell Gaskey is a top pick.

Bill Cook, Tangible Vagaries

Mitchell is an SEO expert and industry pioneer when it comes to search engine marketing. I have learned a tremendous amount of actionable strategies and ranking practices from him and his SEO agency. He has been an invaluable asset, and I recommend him to anyone looking for help getting more traffic to their website

Devin Schumacher, SEO Firepower

At Real Clear Metrics – Sacramento SEO, we believe that Search Engine Marketing, also known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most efficient way to get your brand out to the world. At this point people start wondering why we say that, and we’ve heard most questions and objections out there, so let’s walk through a few of the big ones. I already have a website isn’t that enough? What the heck is SEO? What’s the process for SEO on a website? How will SEO help my marketing efforts? How is SEO different than Social Media? Let’s dive into each of these to give you a better idea of why they’re important.

I already have a website isn’t that enough?

This question assumes that the current traffic that your website is receiving is sufficient to keep your company growing. If you’re confident that your web traffic will never decrease and you’re satisfied with the growth of your business on the current track that it’s on, then perhaps you just need a website update every few years with some new headshots and pictures of work. However, if you want to ensure that your site is going to continue to generate new traffic year after year, then building your website into a digital asset and positioning your site with SEO is the most powerful way to ensure you generate high quality leads for the long term.

Okay, so what the heck is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process by which a website is optimized so that the information contained on that website is found by search engines for the topic that the website is about. In simple terms, it’s about communicating with search engines like Google and Yahoo to tell them what a website is about and why it’s relevant. For example, if you’re a plumber in Sacramento, then you would want your website to come up in Google when someone searches for ‘plumber in Sacramento.’ This is what our SEO can do for your website.

What’s the process for SEO on a website?

Our SEO process is built for giving your site a comprehensive strategy that allows all the major search engines to find your site and rank it appropriately. It all starts with making sure your on-page optimization is fully compliant with what search engines are looking for when their bots search your site. This means that you have appropriate Meta Descriptions, H1 tags, Alt Tags, etc. Then we make sure that your sites backlink profile is robust and diverse by making sure your site has all the appropriate citations pointing to your site that show the search engines your site is relevant. We then make sure your site has all the most powerful social profiles pointing towards to add even more diversity and strength to your backlink profile. This gives your site enough juice and relevancy to get your site ranking and driving clients to your doors.

I already have a Facebook page, so how is SEO different than Social Media?

In the eco system of the internet, social media includes websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp. These services allow people to make profiles on their platforms to communicate to the world whatever they want to communicate. They are essentially inner pages of big website. Search engines such as Google are essentially tools to help people navigate the entire internet to find what they want to find. With SEO, you own your own website and it exists independently of the social media platforms, and our services help people who are looking for your services find your website that you own on a Google search. These individuals are already in the market for the services or products your company is selling. This means you have a better chance of closing warm leads as opposed to trying to convert a cold lead. One of our specialties is to identify what the best types of leads will generate revenue for your business. It all comes down to identifying where your potential customers are searching, and then placing your properties in the top of the organic rankings for those keyword terms.

How will SEO help my marketing efforts?

This boils down to one main factor that has many huge ripple effects: Free Advertising. How do you get free advertising you might ask? Imagine your website is listed in Google’s top ten results page for a key term that will generate thousands of leads per month. Once you’re listed in the top ten for these keywords that will generate the most traffic for your site, that listing is basically a free listing and will continue to provide free traffic as long as it is listed. This means you’ve earned the traffic that you’re receiving and you’re not paying Google for Pay Per Click. This is traffic that you own and will continue to be there for you in years 2, 3, 4, etc. after you are ranked. This drives down your Cost Per Acquisition for new customers to even lower dollar amounts for each year you are listed in Google’s top ten results. This in turn increases your ROI year over year by delivering fresh traffic with the same initial investment.


Our SEO services provide a higher return on investment when compared to other online and offline forms of marketing. With SEO, you can easily know what is working and what is not. This will help you know where to locate more of your limited resources. This saves more money in the long run and helps you avoid wasting your money and time on marketing strategies that don’t work. By positioning your websites on the front page of Google, you are conveying both legitimacy and trust to your potential clients from the very beginning of your prospective relationship.

Our goal is to provide the most value possible for your company by providing a steady stream of new clients. The most efficient way of doing this in today’s market is through our comprehensive SEO strategies. SEO is one of the best ways you can reach your customers and grow your business online. Contact us today to see how we can help your business.

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